NXT Airport, a living lab

That aviation needs to innovate and become more sustainable is clear. For us and for future generations.

Groningen Airport Eelde has launched its NXT Airport programme in 2020. This programme is built on four pillars: Sustainability, Energy, Innovation and Education. NXT Airport is a living lab environment for companies, governments and knowledge institutions. A unique and high-quality test site for various projects around these four key themes in which parties find each other and work together towards a sustainable aviation future.

NXT Airport is a programme and venue that brings together various organisations involved in education, energy, innovation and making the aviation sector more sustainable.

For us, Groningen Airport Eelde, NXT Airport is a good future base. The presence of locally generated green energy is a reason for us to choose Groningen Airport Eelde. The airport is working on a green hydrogen ecosystem, which will power our electric, and partly hydrogen-powered future fleet.

Florian Kruse, Evia Aero*

*Germany’s Evia Aero is developing an airline that operates electric powered aircraft,
part of its fleet with a hydrogen powertrain. Evia Aero has selected GAE as their first future Dutch base of operations.

Our NXT Partners