To achieve our common goal, the airport will undergo an energy transition in the coming years. With a focus on solar energy, renewable fuels and green hydrogen technology.

Solar Park Groningen Airport Eelde

Unique, progressive and leading: the world’s largest solar park on a controlled airport is at Groningen Airport Eelde. The construction of the solar park on our central site is a unique project. It is the first time in the world that a solar park has been realised in this way.

A solar park has been realised on the middle grounds of Groningen Airport Eelde by GroenLeven. The solar park is located between the runway, taxiway and apron. A total of 63,196 solar panels have been installed, providing a total capacity of 21.9 MW. This is an equivalent of about 6,200 households.

The presence of the solar park is an important step in further greening the airport.

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GRQ Hydrogen Valley Airport

Europe’s first “GRQ Hydrogen Valley Airport” is under development at Groningen Airport Eelde (GRQ).


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