Groningen Airport Eelde has started offering practical lessons for students of Noorderpoort’s Aviation Services course. At the airport, students receive training in areas such as check-in, boarding and hospitality. The training consists of practical lessons and the students also spend an afternoon in the field handling a flight. This summer, Groningen Airport Eelde offers 40 students the opportunity to take a seat behind the check-in desks at the airport.

Learning within the field

Wessel Rijkens, Manager Handling Groningen Airport Eelde:

“This project fits perfectly with our ambitions and the NXT Airport programme to give educational institutions a place at our airport. We like to offer these students a real-life learning environment in the field. We are happy to further strengthen our cooperation with Noorderpoort in this way.”

Generation Hospitality

The airport is a partner of Noorderpoort’s Generation Hospitality programme. The programme aims to let people experience the power of hospitality by training a new generation of hospitality professionals. These training courses at the airport are part of the collaboration between Groningen Airport Eelde and Noorderpoort.


These practical classes have been offered more often in the past. However, this has come to a halt due to corona. Last year, for instance, students only practised test flights. No passengers were present during these.