On Friday 7 October 2022, TotalEnergies Marketing Nederland, Groningen Airport Eelde (GAE) and New Energy Coalition will announce that a letter of intent has been signed, expressing their intention to realise a hydrogen refuelling station (HRS) on the airport site. This happens during the Wind meets Gas event organised by New Energy Coalition.

This HRS will serve both the landside and airside of GAE, meaning vehicles at and outside the airport will be refuelled with hydrogen, and eventually aircraft. It is an integral part of the hydrogen ecosystem planned at GAE.

Most sustainable airport

This intention is in line with GAE’s ambition to become Europe’s most sustainable airport in terms of hydrogen. This has now resulted in GAE being allowed to call itself Europe’s first ‘Hydrogen Valley Airport’, with many partners at the airport working on electrolysis and converting diesel equipment to hydrogen.

Patrick Cnubben of New Energy Coalition:

“The Hydrogen Valley Airport project -and thus the realisation of this hydrogen refuelling station- fits perfectly under the umbrella of our HEAVENN project.”

This HEAVENN project is supported by the EU and the Clean Hydrogen Partnership. This has made the Northern Netherlands the first Hydrogen Valley in Europe, with the main objective of shaping the green hydrogen ecosystem in the Northern Netherlands and beyond.

TotalEnergies Marketing Nederland will build and operate the hydrogen filling station. It will be part of a multi-fuel service station where people can fill up with conventional fuels and fast charge in addition to H2.

Nathalie Baras, Retail Director of TotalEnergies Marketing Nederland, said:

“Realising this hydrogen filling station together with our regional partners as part of Hydrogen Valley Airport contributes to our ambition to enable cleaner and more sustainable mobility in the Netherlands.”

Wind meets Gas event

The Wind meets Gas event will take place in Groningen on 6 and 7 October 2022. This is the Northern Netherlands’ event on hydrogen and offshore energy. On 7 October, a side event will be organised at GAE, where there will be a discussion and talk show on hydrogen and energy. Here, both TotalEnergies Hydrogen Mobility Solutions and GAE will be on the discussion panel.