Solar park Groningen Airport Eelde

Unique, progressive and leading: the world’s largest solar park on a controlled airport is at Groningen Airport Eelde. The construction of the solar park on our central site is a unique project. It is the first time in the world that a solar park has been realised in this way.

A solar park has been realised on the middle grounds of Groningen Airport Eelde by GroenLeven. The solar park is located between the runway, taxiway and apron. A total of 63,196 solar panels have been installed, providing a total capacity of 21.9 MW. This is an equivalent of about 6,200 households.

Greening the airport

The presence of the solar park is an important step in further greening the airport. We think it is important to follow the latest developments in this field and see how we can contribute to this. We are looking at various possibilities, such as generating synthetic paraffin or facilitating the electrification of small aviation in the future. So the solar park does not stand alone, but fits into a broader objective of Groningen Airport Eelde in terms of sustainability.

The solar park at Groningen Airport Eelde is unique. Partly due to the fact that so many specific conditions have been set for its realisation. After all, an airport has to deal with various safety requirements. But it also means that the project serves as an example for many other locations and projects. Think of other airports, but also, for example, application in sectors that, like an airport, have to deal with high or special safety requirements. For example, the chemical sector.

Covered passage

From the terminal, a covered passage to the apron has been constructed. So that passengers can walk dry to and from their aircraft. Solar panels have been installed on the roof of the passageway. With the solar panels placed on the passageway, Groningen Airport Eelde will soon be able to generate its own electricity. This will make the airport self-sufficient in its electricity consumption.


Solar park Groningen Airport Eelde



63.196 stuks
21,9 MW
6.200 huizen