Evia Aero GmbH and Groningen Airport Eelde (GAE) have signed a letter of intent. This expresses the intention to work together on making sustainable regional aviation possible.

Germany’s Evia Aero is developing an airline that operates electric powered aircraft, part of its fleet  with a hydrogen powertrain. Evia Aero has selected GAE as their first future Dutch base of operations.

Most sustainable airport

This intention fits with GAE’s ambition to become one of Europe’s most sustainable airports in terms of hydrogen and electric flying. GAE may already call itself Europe’s first ‘Hydrogen Valley Airport’, as it is based in the heart of Europe’s first official ‘Hydrogen Valley’ and runs many H2 projects; at the airport, with partners, an innovative electrolyzer is being developed, coupled to the existing 22 MW airside solar park. Diesel ground service equipment is currently being converted to work on hydrogen.

Evia Aero strengthens the development of the regional economy by enabling customers to travel affordably, time-efficiently and sustainable. With a new aircraft technology that pushes the boundaries of aviation in a scalable, sustainable and economically viable way. In this, Evia Aero connects European regions. Evia Aero has recently signed a letter of intent with Cranfield Aerospace Solutions (CAeS) to supply 10 hydrogen fuel cell conversion kits for Britten-Norman Islander aircraft.